Lights! Camera! Action!.... Yes. And once again a star is born, Hollywood-style - While another spirals down into the gutter.... And the wheels (of celebrity fame & fortune) go round and round.

I'm just guessing about this - But, I'd say that 1954's "A Star Is Born" is probably looked upon as being Hollywood at its absolute zenith when it comes to the genre of big-budget musicals of yesteryear.

Though its storyline was obviously fabricated to some point - This particular film does (quite clearly) define the star-making machinery as it existed in Tinseltown in its by-gone days.

Containing some very sincere performances from its all-star cast - "A Star Is Born" certainly had its share of faults, which not only included its gruelling 3-hour running time, but, also some outlandishly awful musical numbers that completely wasted Judy Garland's versatility as an all-round performer, as well.

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