This is another awesome book in the Percy Jackson series that I think is amazing! I like how The Sea of Monsters had lots of funny moments to keep readers interested and has so may suspenseful moments on another one of Percy's quests!
What could be worse than having Lastrigonian giants invading your school and throwing steaming hot balls and figuring out that Camp Half-Blood is in danger? In The Sea of Monsters, Percy finds out a secret which could change his thoughts about Posideon being his father, that Camp Half-Blood's protective tree, (which is Thalia, who got turned into a pine tree) on Half-blood hill is poisoned, and so the whole camp is in danger! And since it has been poisoned, people think that Chiron might have done this, so a new activities director comes to Camp Half-Blood. When Clarisse gets sent on a quest to the Sea of Monsters to get the Golden Fleece and bring it safely back to Camp, Percy, Annabeth and their allies want to help out, so they start a journey into the Sea of Monsters! And Percy's satyr friend Grover is trapped in the cave of the cyclops who is guarding the golden fleece- so they have to save him as well! This second installment into the Percy Jackson series is amazing, but I also wish it had a better plotline, but other then that, I think this book is awesome! (The Titan's Curse is my favorite though!) I recommend reading this!

Thanks for reading this comment and enjoy the book! :)

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