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Jul 18, 2019

Throw this catch back in the water!

Jul 09, 2019

I'd love me some Momoa!

Jul 08, 2019

Oh, man! I'm so sorry I missed this movie! I wanted to see if they writer/director included the opening sequence I had suggested: three fishermen are at a wharf when one of them declares: "What's that godawful smell . . . . stinks like rotten fish?"
The next guy says: "Yeah, really a horrible rotten fishy smell!"
The third guy exclaims, "Look . . . . that's what it is . . . it's Aquaman!"

Jul 01, 2019

This movie is too stupid to live. Not only does one have to have 4 gallons of popcorn at the ready, but you have to be either 13 years old or drunk to even find it interesting from a fantasy point of view.

Jason Momoa is not an actor. He's a performer. His personae is the same in everything he does.

Seriously, set this one aside.

Don't listen to the haters, this movie is quite good - one of DC's best - and, like Wonder Woman, not nearly as dark as the DC movies of the past six years. It's maybe a bit long but it's loads of fun and quite different than most superhero films in that, of course, it takes place almost entirely underwater. Enjoy.

Pretty mediocre. I suppose the visuals would have been better on the big screen but the acting and story were pretty bad.

Jun 07, 2019

I liked this movie and wish I'd seen it on the big screen instead of my little laptop with all the special effects. The lead actor playing Aquaman was very god-like. The guy playing his brother and the red headed girlfriend were just so-so and not exotic enough. I think there really was an Atlantis and they did a good job imagining this!

Jun 03, 2019

I never thought this movie would end. It's way too long. There were parts of it that I liked; and other parts that were blah. The costumes, and underwater worlds were awesome. They could have cut the time of this movie in half and made it much better. The storyline is ok.

Jun 03, 2019

Why do people like this movie??? Horrible simply horrible.

Jun 01, 2019

Wonder Woman is the greatest movie (and superhero) of all time. What other hero has Love as one's mission...? No other hero can rival that.


May 25, 2019

I'm glad I saw it and there are a lot of cool things about it, buuut it's not going to be in my top 10 (20?) superhero movies... it's long and a bit ponderous at times, with *so many* warring warriors... but I was impressed by the amount of imagination that went into battle scenes, "car chases," hand-to-hand combats, monsters, weapons and vehicles that are done underwater or while entering or emerging from water.... they obviously allowed an army of creative people to come up with every conceivable power move you could do with water and then hired another army of CGI artists to bring it all to life on the grandest possible scale. Outer space is never made to seem as vast in other movies as "the seas" are in Aquaman. I don't think any of the other superhero movies to date have done CGI at this level. Quite impressive. And I love Jason Momoa -- his first appearance, when he says, "Permission to come on board?," made me go liquid inside. This is a hot and sexy dude (and they kind of play Aquaman as a surfer dude in some ways). I really liked Amber Heard... it is always great to have Nicole Kidman... the bad guy (the chief bad guy of many bad guys??), Patrick Wilson, was pretty good. But it was a long and complicated plot with a not small number of superhero-movie cliches. At one point, the build-up to a fight to the death in an arena involves the pounding of a big set of orchestral drums and they pan in on that to show that it is an octopus pounding the tom-toms. I was, like, really?

May 24, 2019

Another DC disappointment. It is not a horrible movie, but I can't give it more than 3 stars because it is not a very good movie. First, the movie open with CGI to make Temuera Morrison and Nicole Kidman appear younger and it is HORRIBLE. I was distracted the whole time. Was that a wig, did they CGI his hair in. Why did their faces look so weird? Those thoughts killed the connection to the film from the start. Add to it the CGI to make everyone underwater appear to be underwater and it was a master class is how NOT to employ CGI, IMO. That made it distracting throughout. Then it committed what have come to me to be the two cardinal sins of Superhero movies: (1) The main battle between main characters is portrayed largely by CGI (if I wanted to watch a video game, I'd play a video game); (2) Epic, ginormous battles between massive armies so large they have to be done via CGI and it is pretty much impossible to follow what is happening (again, playing a video game is far more fun than watching this stuff). The scale has gotten completely out of control in super-hero movies and the quality of movie in the audience eyes is declining as a result. Take a note from Iron Man. You don't need tens of thousands of people fighting each other - you just need a few incredibly well developed good and bad folks going head to head. The audience loves that more. There are some really good parts to this story, which I enjoyed in the film - but the two cardinal sins and the horribly distracting use of CGI kept me from thinking this is a really good film.

May 21, 2019

Wow, just, wow. I don't expect much from superhero movies, but this was unwatchable and confusing. And I was a little stoned. It felt like being trapped in a video game. A lot of good actors try hard to act with the green screen. On the plus side, haven't you always wanted to see Willem Defoe underwater and sporting a bun?

May 19, 2019

I really wanted to like this movie. It could have been great but was let down by a weak script and some so-so acting. Momoa definitely looked the part but about 90% of his lines were wisecracks you might hear from the mouth of an adolescent boy. The relationship between his parents was the most heartfelt aspect of the movie and with such an origin story, Aquaman's constant wisecracks don't seem to suit the character and what he's gone/going through. I really appreciate that they were trying to bring more levity to the film, but I just didn't enjoy the way they did it. It was hard to connect to him as a person, though his abilities were awesome and fun to watch. The villains really felt terrible; Black Manta was dealt a very bad hand...he was given nothing to work with and was incredibly weak as a result. I enjoyed the final act even though I tend to find the final "battle scene" act in superhero movies the was really the only part of the movie that felt like it lived up to the hype. This movie had incredible potential, but I felt like it missed the mark too many times to ever give it a re-watch.

May 18, 2019

I wasn't an Aquaman fan but after this movie, I am. It's a fun, fun, fun movie and very well made: directing, performance, special effects, everything. Completely enjoyable from beginning to end. Aquaman was a little too casual for me in some spots, but still great.

bibliosara May 16, 2019

Lots of fun and adventure in this DC film. Although the resemblence between Mera and Ariel may trigger some eye-rolling, overall this is a great adventure on the seas... or under them, to be more accurate. Set aside your expecations of realism, and you'll have a very enjoyable two hours! One of the best aspects of the film is Jason Mamoa, who brings a levity that DC movies often neglect.

LoganLib_Aavishka May 15, 2019

Another great DC movie. I loved the action, the vibrant scenery, the actors, the plot. Everything was intense and captivating. Amazing!

May 14, 2019

Ready for Aquaman II. Yeah, it must have been hard recreating Atlantis, a whole city underwater. The outfits reminded me of an old Flash Gordon serial. Lots of thrills with sea creatures.

May 12, 2019

Total Rubbish. Waste of my time!

May 12, 2019

Had to watch it twice before I decided that it was an okay movie. Maybe I would have liked it more had I seen it in 3D. Special effects was awesome. Just couldn't get into Jason's role as Arthur Curry.

May 09, 2019

"Overall, I enjoyed Aquaman a bit more than I thought I would. I liked all the characters enough and the acting was fine across the board. This is a usual hero story where he needs to complete the prophecy in order to do the thing that needs to be done, even though he doesn’t want to. Ya know, that story..."

Copy and paste the link below for the rest of the review!

As a superhero movie, it feels like a breath of fresh air, something that acknowledges the camp and bizareness and embraces it. On the other hand, it feels forced in some places and Jason Momoa is awkward as Arthur Curry, to say the least.

May 05, 2019

it was a good movie to watch.
for those who complaint about the storyline let me remind you that Aquaman is make believe just like any other super hero.

May 04, 2019

Can't believe I wasted almost an hour of my life before giving up on this movie.

May 04, 2019

Its all washed up, would not recommend it....

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